Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, my primary responsibility is to give my students the best tools to make their world a better place for themselves and the future. Today, an education is the most important mechanism a country can provide to its citizens to ensure each individual’s prosperity to life, freedom, and happiness can be fully accomplished. Because everyone is important, every student has the right to be educated no matter how talented an individual student is

Music Education requires passion, dedications, and creativity in order for there to be a success in both performing and teaching. Students should be allowed to explore their creativity while having a positive modeling system to help reinforce and guide their curiosity. Students should never to fear of going to school because of favoritism, bullying, or discrimination, but should be filled with joy and excitement about learning. Anyone can be taught music and every student can learn music. If enough time and dedications are devoted to both the students, teachers, and parents’ behalf the students will be successful.

Across our vast world, music is a part of every culture and everyone’s life. With technology advancing more each day, music has become more accessible than ever. Music Education is more important than ever in schools because music encourages students to go explore more of the world around them and ultimately lead, them further on the path of self-discovery in our changing times. Furthermore, music acts as a doorway for people to express their emotions and allow them to find peace when needed most.