Modacity: A New Way to Practice


I recently discovered the Modacity app while listening to the Clarineat Podcast by Sean Perrin a few months back. Modacity is a new practice app that allows users to keep tabs on their progress and get feedback on practice sessions. Marc Gelfo and Andrea Nysen developed and co-founded Modacity in 2017, and is currently available through the Apple iTunes Store (link is at the end of the article).   To be honest, I was a skeptic at first but quickly warmed up to the idea of including the app as part of my daily practice ritual – because trying new things generally never hurts. After a few weeks of applying Modacity in my practice routine, I fell in love with everything about the app. Here are the reasons why:

  • Organization: The app makes it ridiculously easy to become and stay organized throughout the entire preparation process.
  • Recording: Ever had a teacher yell at you for not recording yourself or finding you should have recorded yourself more often? Modacity takes the guesswork out of recording. During your practice session, it has a mic ready for you to use. The app conveniently stores the sound files for later listening and reflection.
  • Time Tracking: The is a big one. I thought I was getting close to three or four hours worth of practicing a day. Turns out, I was wrong really wrong. Modacity keeps track of how much time you are actually practicing with the handy timer. It’s one of my favorite features and will give anyone a wakeup call when it comes to how much time we are actually putting in each and every day. 

  • Overall Practice Hours: This is a cool feature because the app shows how many hours you have practiced overall. Personally, I have set a goal for 100 hours, which seems easy until you start using the time tracker.
  • Practice Session Playlist: Short on time? With Modacity you can create a playlist and divide your time out wisely with the countdown timer feature.
  • Reflection:  At the end of every practice session, a screen will appear and ask you to rate your level of mastery. This is important because it allows you to reflect on the work you just accomplished.
  • Goals: Set up personal goals based on a specific piece or an overall goal.
  • History: This feature will keep you honest. If you have been using the app continuously from week to week, it will show daily and weekly practice time trends, while also showing the average practice session time.
  • Practice Break Reminder: After a performance injury, I became more aware of taking breaks during my practice sessions. A great feature in Modacity is that the user is able to set up break reminders. Right now, I have a reminder set to take a break every 25 minutes, with 5-10 minutes of rest between. This allows me time to check-in with myself and stretch.
  • MetroDrone: Forgot your metronome? Modacity takes care of this problem by having a great MetroDrone built into the app.


Overall, the application is quickly becoming an essential tool in my practice sessions and encourages me to keep pushing forward during difficult times. HAPPY PRACTICING!


Modacity iTunes link:


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